Event Schedule



  • 10:00: Christ Church Deer Park: Map
    Preacher – Rev. Dr. Terry LeBlanc
  • 10:30: Calvin Presbyterian Church: Map
    Preacher – Rev. Dr. Patricia Dutcher-Walls
  • 10:30: St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church: Map
    Preacher – Rev. Susan Sparks
  • 11:00: Metropolitan United Church: Map
    Preacher – Rev. Dr. Malcolm Sinclair
  • 11:00: Timothy Eaton Memorial Church: Map
    Preacher – Rev. Dr. Andrew Stirling
  • 11:00: Yorkminster Park Baptist Church: Map
    Preacher – The Very Rev. Rowan Williams


5:00: Registration
7:00: Worship – Preacher: Rowan Williams – “Dead words and living voices” Ezekiel 3.1-11
8:15: Leaders Panel Discussion with host, Peter Wallace a conversation with Patricia Dutcher-Walls, Terry LeBlanc, Susan Sparks, and Rowan Williams



9:00: Worship – Preacher: Patricia Dutcher-Walls -“In Desolation, What Peace?” Lamentations 1: 1-22
9:30:  Lecture – Terry LeBlanc – “Circular Theology in a Linear world.” Revelation 22:1-3a
10:30: Break
11:00: Workshop Session One

  • Anthony Bailey – Seeking Recovery from Addiction to Violence
  • Emily Bisset – How Theological Personality Affects Preaching
  • Stuart Blythe – Preaching as though Scripture is Addressed to Us
  • Scott Hoezee – With Healing in his Wings
  • Terry LeBlanc – Preaching in Times of Change
  • Lee Ann McKenna – Our Violent Scriptures: What’s a Christian Peacemaker to do?
  • Morar Murray-Hayes -Backing into Controversy: Art and the Word in Preaching
  • Susan Sparks – Preaching Punch Lines

12:15: Lunch


1:30: Lecture – Patricia Dutcher-Walls – “Disturbing the Peace: When God is the Source of Violence”
2:30: Lecture/Interview Rowan Williams – “The tongue is a fire”: seeds of violence

3:30: Break

3:45: Ask Away – Question and Answer period with panel of preaching professors and practitioners: Emily Bisset, Stuart Blythe, Scott Hoezee and Paul Scott Wilson


4:15: Reception at Christ Church Deer Park
5:30: Dinner YPBC Heritage Room
7:00: Lecture – Susan Sparks – “World Peace: One Joke at a Time”
8:00: Blessed are the Peacemakers – Songs & Stories of Peace – Rowan Williams, Cheryl Bear, Terry LeBlanc, Anthony Bailey, Lee-Anne McKenna and Iona Passage



9:00: Worship – Preacher: Terry LeBlanc – “Why Can’t You Be Like Me?”  Acts 15: 1-6
9:30: Lecture – Rowan Williams – “The Word is near you”: seeds of communion”

10:30: Break

10:45: Workshop Session Two

  • Paul Dekar – Preaching Peace in a Congregation with Conflict
  • Patricia Dutcher-Walls – Can we Preach Peace if God is Violent?
  • Stephen Farris – Getting Ready for Christmas
  • Cheryle Hanna – Embodied Preaching
  • Terry LeBlanc – Preaching in Times of Change
  • Susan Sparks – Preaching Punch Lines
  • John Vissers – Preaching on Empty
  • Paul Scott Wilson – Preaching to a Felt Need

12:00: Worship – Preacher: Susan Sparks – “Running With The Horses”  Jeremiah 12: 1-5 with musical guest Iona Passage

12:45: Lunch



Fine-Tuned Preaching is an additional session which offers tutoring with a leader in a small group and requires the preparation of a twelve-minute sermon or twelve-minute portion of a sermon in advance.  Registration is limited to five participants per group.  As the groups fill there may be an additional group or groups added.

  • Group 1 led by Susan Sparks
  • Group 2 led by Patricia Dutcher-Walls
  • Group 3 led by Paul Scott Wilson
  • Group 4 led by Stuart Blythe
  • Group 5 led by Scott Hoezee
  • Group 6 led by Stephen Farris