MONDAY, October 28th

Workshop: Playing Around in Scripture in order to Preach Jesus Christ at its Centre
The Rev. Dr. Annette Brownlee –

This workshop will explore ways to read Scripture for sermon preparation. Making connections between stories within and across the Old and New Testaments, we learn to see God at work in all of it, drawing the whole world to Jesus Christ. We will explore how each text is a doorway, window, passage into Scripture’s full witness to Jesus Christ. We will also explore what to do with this in the move from Scripture to sermon. Participants will leave the workshop with new ways of reading Scripture for preaching and, most important, will see how God uses all of it – including our preaching – for redemptive purposes.

Story-telling to Spread the Gospel
Michael Coren –

Michael Coren the notable Canadian/British author, broadcaster and columnist whose recent Epiphany led him to seminary and now into the Anglican ministry will present a workshop on the place of the anecdote and story in preaching and spreading the Gospel. Stories from our own experiences, often not explicitly and obviously Christian, frequently open doors to biblical truth and the nature of Christ, and I will use a group of stories about my family and friends that illustrate the themes of love, forgiveness, community, and the human condition.

Preaching on the Unnamed People in Scripture
The Rev. Dr. Cheryle Hanna –

Is there a word from the pulpit for this crowded world where so many suffer in silence and guard their anonymity for fear of being judged?  They may enter worship avoiding contact with anyone wishing they could just touch the hem of Christ’s garment. – Is there a word for those who faithfully do many things well, but are rarely recognized or even noticed?  Does God notice?  This workshop will explore the preacher’s ability, – willingness and need to envision and preach on the unnamed people within the Biblical narrative as good news in this age where nobody may know your name.

That You May Believe: Preaching the Rich Theology of John’s Gospel
The Rev. Dr. Scott Hoezee –

Everyone knows that John stands apart from the Synoptic Gospels.  John’s narrative methods, his angle of approach to Jesus, his content, and most certainly his overt – and sometimes subtle – theologizing make John stand out in the New Testament. This workshop will consider some of the preaching challenges and opportunities contained in The Gospel According to John.

Beyond Constantine: New Ways of Thinking
The Rev. Dr. Terry LeBlanc –

Albert Einstein famously said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” This workshop will examine challenges that continue to hound the church in the present day as a result of the syncretizing of the church’s, leadership, mission and ministry with the political structures and authorities of the Constantinian era. Let’s ask the question, “Are we using the same thinking today that created the problem then?”  What are the implications  for our preaching?

What Would Jesus Tweet?  Technology in Preaching
The Rev. Jason Meyers –

In this session we will discuss how the use of technology interacts with our theology of preaching.  We will explore options for the use of digital tools before, during and after the preaching moment.  There will be examples, tips and many, many memes.  In addition to generating ideas to practice, participants will engage with the pastoral implications of the use of technology, considering when its use is appropriate – and when it is not.

Preaching Punchlines: The Ten Commandments of Standup Comedy
The Rev.
Susan Sparks – Bio

Based on Susan’s new book, this fun and engaging workshop shares how to harness the power of humour in preaching. “The Ten Commandments of Standup Comedy” include editing, grabbing and keeping an audience’s attention, authenticity, crafting comedy and joyous communication. In the end, it’s all about developing a sense of honesty, trust, and joy with your audience. Join Susan Sparks to laugh, learn and look at the world (and your preaching) with a transformative new lens.