TUESDAY, October 29th

Courageous Preaching
The Very Rev. Andrew Asbil – Bio

The Church today faces many challenges. Our call to proclaim the Gospel is as true, and consistent, as it was to the disciples on the beach when Jesus appeared to them after his death and resurrection, during a morning fishing trip. After an intimate breakfast, the charge to “feed my sheep” is there. This will take courage! IN the midst of turmoil, change, confusion – Jesus invites us to be close to him, and in turn tells us to actively feed his people. Peaching is one way to feed people – how do we use this tool with courage and hope in our current contexts?

Indigenous Worldview, Culture and Spirituality
The Rev. Dr. Cheryl Bear –

Walking in reconciliation requires that we get to know one another. This workshop will be an overview of Indigenous worldview, culture, values and a bit of history from an Indigenous perspective that can enrich our preaching and ensure that when we both talk the talk and walk the walk with integrity.

Preaching as Oral Graffiti
The Rev. Dr. Stuart Blyth –

Metaphors not only describe but can guide how we understand and practice preaching. They can have an influence on the who, how, when, and where of preaching. Some metaphors seem to stand the test of time: herald, witness, and storyteller. While they are faithful, however, they may have become unimaginative and limiting. On the other hand, while temporary, new metaphors may prove to be generative of different thinking and renewed practice. This workshop will explore understanding preaching as “painting oral graffiti on the walls of people’s hearts” as a metaphor that is both faithful and imaginative opening fresh thinking and revitalized practice.

Punching Holes in the Darkness: The Courage to Preach Hope in a World Drunk with Despair
The Rev. Dr. Otis Moss III –

The attendee will learn to craft messages that engage a vision of hope, but never turn away from the pain of today’s existential and theological issues.

Imagining Jesus Now
The Rev. Greg Paul – 

It is important for the preacher and congregation to enter together into Biblical stories by an imaginative, creative process rather than merely dissect and explain texts.  Too often we render texts into closely reasoned lexical, historical and theological precepts. Using the account of the woman who anointed Jesus’ feet, recorded in differing form in all four gospels, we’ll imagine what it was like to be there at the time, how the same story might unfold in our time (how Jesus would be and who he would be with), and how that might impact the way we live both personally and communally.

Reading Scripture For Trauma-Aware Sermons
The Rev. Dr. Joni Sancken –

Signs of trauma and resilience are found throughout scripture. God’s people survived excruciating experiences not as shattered or hollow victims but as powerful witnesses. With healing comes the promise that loss and brokenness are not the final verdict on one’s sense of usefulness and purpose in the world. This workshop will explore the Bible as a resource for trauma-aware preaching through the use of interpretive tools that can be applied to scripture and our world and introduce exegetical steps that can help foster healing.