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LRPF looks forward to seeing you on October 27, 28 and 29, 2019.

We invite you to mark your calendar now for the 2019 Lester Randall Preaching Fellowship to be held at Yorkminster Park Baptist Church from Sunday, October 27 through Tuesday, October 29.  Our keynote preachers include Otis Moss III, Meg Jenista Kuykendall, and Scott Hoezee speaking to our theme, The Faithful Imagination.  There will be more information to follow and registration will open in May, but please plan now to be with us.

Our Theme: The Faithful Imagination

At our 2018 event Rowan Williams, the 104th Archbishop of Canterbury, said that the world is filled with toxic fictions and fantasies and preachers need to recapture the imagination.  They need to lift people beyond mere words of warning to a vision of what the world can look like.  This event will help preachers tell the good stories of truth, love, liberty and peace at the heart of who we are.  

The prophets imagined the lion and lamb lying together and all people living at peace.  The Apostle John envisioned heaven descending to the earth and ushering in a day when all the tears would be wiped away.  Our call is to imagine the world through Jesus’ eyes and let the seeds and birds and flowers poetically pronounce the good news and to enlarge the heart through stories of grace and love.  When we are standing in a dry valley we turn again to the God who raises the dead.  We preach new life to dry bones, and then we listen for the four winds and the breath of God.   All things are possible with God and nothing is too wonderful.  

Come, let God refresh our imagination.


Visit the Lester Randall Preaching Fellowship Youtube channel where the 2018 presentations are now posted along with addresses and sermons from past LRPF conferences. The LRPF Youtube Channel is a wonderful resource for the homiletics classroom or personal study. To keep abreast of LRPF news, follow us on Facebook.