• 10:30   10:30   St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church – Map
    Guest Preacher – TBD
  • 10:30   Calvin Presbyterian and Deer Park United Churches – Map
    Guest Preacher – TBD
  • 10:30   Christ Church Deer Park – Map
    Guest Preacher – TBD
  • 11:00   Yorkminster Park Baptist Church – Map
    Guest Preacher – TBD
  • 11:00   Metropolitan United Church – Map
    Guest Preacher – TBD
  • 11:00   Timothy Eaton Memorial Church – Map
    Ken Shigametsu


  • 5:00   Registration YP Centre
  • 7:00   Worship – Preacher: Ken Shigametsu
  • 8:00   Break
  • 8:15   Leaders Panel – Sarah Han, Karoline Lewis, Rev. Dr. Ken Shigametsu, William Willimon



  • 9:00     Worship: Karoline Lewis
  • 9:40     Lecture: Ken Shigametsu

10:40   Break

  • 11:00   Workshop Session One
    1. Stuart Blythe: Fit for Purpose
    2. Laura de Jong: Preaching Toward Resilience
    3. Terry Fallis: Speaking, Preaching, and Engaging
    4. Rev. Dr. Sarah Han: Coaching Listeners to Self-actualization of their Eternal Identity through Grace
    5. Rev. Dr. Paul Scott Wilson: Interpreting the Bible for Grace

12:15   Lunch Heritage Rm


  • 12:15 Lunch
  • 1:20   Lecture: William Willimon
  • 2:20   Workshop Session Two
    1. Casey Barton: Finding Grace in Graceless Places
    2. Scott Hoezee: Dangerous Grace?
    3. Karoline Lewis: Amazing Grace in the Gospel of John
    4. Wanda Malcolm: A Foundation for Grace: Building a Sustainable Ministry Life
    5. Thérèse Samuel: Grace and Truth: Preaching Christ with a decolonizing look at the prologue to John’s gospel

3:35   Break

  • 3:50   Panel/Group Discussion: Testimonies of Grace: An opportunity to share stories of God’s transforming grace in ministry that will encourage and equip us in the preaching task.
    Featuring: Paul Scott Wilson (facilitator), Casey Barton, Sarah Han and others to be announced.
  • 3:50   Panel/Group Discussion :How have hybrid worship and preaching changed and challenged the church and preachers?
    Featuring: Stuart Blythe, Katie Givens Kime, Scott Hoezee

4:50     Wine and Cheese Reception at Christ Church Deer Park

5:30     Dinner Heritage Rm


  • 7:00     Worship: William Willimon
  • 8:00    Coffee House



  • 9:00     Lecture: Sarah Han
  • 10:00   Workshop Session Three
    1. William Willimon: Preaching About Grace Amazing
    2. Ken Shigametsu: Meditation: How Silence Makes Our Mind and Soul Whole
    3. Susan Sparks: The Universe is Singing
    4. R.H. Thomson: Searching for our Authentic Voice
    5. Andrew Stirling: What People Want to Hear? or What People Need to Hear?

11:15   Break

  • 11:30   Lecture: Karoline Lewis


  • 12:30   Worship: Sarah Han

1:00     Lunch Heritage Rm

    Fine-Tuned Preaching is an extraordinary session which offers tutoring with a leader in a small group and requires the preparation of a twelve-minute sermon or twelve-minute portion of a sermon in advance.  Registration is limited to five participants per group.  As the groups fill there may be an additional group or groups added. The sessions end by 4:30 p.m. 

Group 1 led by Scott Hoezee
Group 2 led by Gail Ricciuti
Group 3 led by Peter Holmes
Group 4 led by Susan Sparks
Group 5 led by Emily Bisset