• 10:30   10:30   St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church – Map
    Bishop Robert Wright
  • 10:30   Calvin Presbyterian and Deer Park United Churches – Map
    Rev. Dr. Scott Hoezee
  • 10:30   Christ Church Deer Park – Map
    Rev. Dr. Andrew Stirling
  • 11:00   Yorkminster Park Baptist Church – Map
    Rev. Becca Stevens
  • 11:00   Metropolitan United Church – Map
    Rev. Dr. Ray Aldred
  • 11:00   Timothy Eaton Memorial Church – Map
    Rev. Dr. Stuart Blythe


  • 5:00   Registration YP Centre
  • 7:00   Worship – Preacher: Ray Aldred
  • 8:00   Break
  • 8:15   Leaders Panel – Ray Aldred, Nicole Martin, Becca Stevens, Robert Wright; Moderator: Stuart Blythe



  • 9:00     Worship: Becca Stevens
  • 9:40     Lecture: Robert Wright

10:40   Break

  • 11:00   Workshop Session One
    1. Nicole Martin: Preaching for a Traumatized World
    2. Karoline Lewis: Wounded Resurrections – CANCELLED
    3. Becca Stevens: A Balm in Gilead –
    4. Jeff Crittenden: Leisure on the Loose: A homiletic of Leisure in an Age of Affliction
    5. Stuart Blythe: Discovering, Designing and Delivering Stories
    6. Jason Myers: The Wounds of COVID
    7. Stephen Farris: It’s a Wrap: Preparing for Advent and Christmas

12:15   Lunch Heritage Rm


  • 12:15 Lunch
  • 1:20   Lecture: Nicole Martin
  • 2:20   Workshop Session Two
    1. Ray Aldred: Real Stories Happen in Real Places
    2. Anna Robbins: Kindling Desire: Preaching and Nostalgia – CANCELLED
    3. Susan Sparks: Leveraging Humour in a Brave New World
    4. Emily Bissett: Preaching and Anxiety: Navigating Through the Fog
    5. R.H. Thomson: Searching for our Authentic Voice – CANCELLED
    6. Sarah Han: A Missional Homiletic for Diaspora Canada
    7. Paul Scott Wilson: The Renewed Importance of God and Evil

3:35   Break

  • 3:50   The Wisdom of the Henri Nouwen and The Wounded Healer In Today’s World
    Close friends of Henri Nouwen’s from his Toronto years reflect on his wisdom and how it speaks into today’s world.
    Featuring: Monsignor Jim Hannah and Dr. Christopher  De Bono
  • 3:50   Visio Divina and the St. John’s Bible
    The practice of Visio Divina or “holy seeing” serves as a method of listening, meditating, seeing, praying and contemplating. The Saint John’s Bible, the first handwritten and illuminated Bible in more than five hundred years, highlights the rich beauty of the text and can’t help but stimulate our minds and hearts as we contemplate the texts in preparation for Sunday. Two volumes of the Bible will be on display during the event.
    Led by: the Rev. Dr. Brian Craig serving as Docent of the St. John’s Bible with the Diocese of Hamilton.

4:45     Wine and Cheese Reception at Christ Church Deer Park

5:30     Dinner Heritage Rm


  • 7:00     Worship: Robert Wright
  • 8:00     Toronto Mass Choir
    Toronto’s internationally renowned gospel choir conducted by Karen Burke.



  • 9:00     Lecture: Ray Aldred
  • 10:00   Workshop Session Three
    1. Robert Wright: At the intersection of faith and leadership, God’s future and our agency.
    2. Luke Powery: Why the Spirituals Matter for Preaching – CANCELLED
    3. Becca Stevens: A Balm in Gilead
    4. HyeRan Kim-Cragg – Preaching For Casting Out Fear and Catching Hope
    5. Andrew Stirling: Preaching Hope in a Time of Trauma
    6. Scott Hoezee: Preaching as Pastoral Care
    7. R.H. Thomson: Searching for our Authentic Voice  – CANCELLED

11:15   Break

  • 11:30   Lecture: Becca Stevens


  • 12:30   Worship: Nicole Martin

1:00     Lunch Heritage Rm

    Fine tuned preaching is an additional session which offers tutoring with a leader in a small group and requires the preparation of a twelve-minute sermon or twelve-minute portion of a sermon in advance.  Registration is limited to five participants per group.  As the groups fill there may be an additional group or groups added. The sessions end by 4 p.m. 

Group 1 led by Scott Hoezee
Group 2 led by Susan Sparks
Group 3 led by Emily Bissett
Group 4 led by Stuart Blythe
Group 5 led by Stephen Farris